Budoar History with Tibetan Terriers, Norfolk Terriers and Pointers

The story of Budoar Lagottos

Dogs have always been part of my life since my mother's breeding of Great Danes (Aili Anttila, Kennel Kuuskallion). I started as the second generation breeder in 1985 with Tibetan Terriers (1985-1996) under my kennelname Budoar.

Between the years 1994-2001 I bred, in small scale, a few Norfok, Pointer & Great Dane litters.

The First Lagotto Romagnolo registered in Finland ( FI CH Zartuber) I got as a gift from Mr. Scantamburlo (Italy) in 1996 during a show visit. My journey with this lovely breed started back then.

Our hometeam lives with us as a members of family, and our activities with the dogs are mainly hiking in the forest and harvesting mushrooms during the summer and autumn. We attend dog shows  moderately from time to time.

In our breeding we use only healty, good-natured and true types of Lagottos.

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